haute rogue clothing brand

Haute Rogue Gal

The Haute Rogue gal is a warrior princess who is the boss of her own life, who pushes boundaries and enjoys a good challenge. She likes to dress up but she doesn't care what other people make of it. She believes in herself, follows her instincts and listens to her gut. She absorbs fashion from glossy magazines and the street and then goes out and makes it her own.

The world is her playground and she makes or breaks rules wherever she goes.

"Come join the haute rogue cult, push boundaries and transcend the status quo where women are empowered to find their own voice through fashion."

Haute Rogue Culture

Haute Rogue [ pronounced: oht rohg ] is a contemporary women's clothing brand bringing you the newest and latest in fashion.

Here at Haute Rogue we believe fashion is the greatest outlet for self-expression. And with that, we work hard to give you the latest trends that will allow you to look and feel good. At our humble beginnings, it all started with a girl and a dream, hard work, long hours and passion to build a company that stands out from the pack. As we grow, we continue to innovate, improve and constantly test some kick-ass innovative ideas. And with all that, we don't forget to have fun doing what we love!

Meet The Team
Anna, Chief Happiness Officer.
Anna knows how to find a perfect pair of sunnies and how to do a smokey eye right. She loves a good pair of heels and is the go-to person when one needs advice.
Aisha, Merchandising Ninja.
Wondering where the coolest hangout places are? Ask Aisha. This girl can show you how to party, dish on the latest trends and teach you how to master the ultimate shirt tucking.
Alex, Stylist Extraordinaire.
Stylist. Model. Actress. Wanderer. Proud owner of almost 200 dresses, anything from a Fendi to a $1 thrift store dress. Alex believes that there are no rules in fashion as long as it flatters your body"
Tony, Graphic Designer Champion.
Cool fact? Tony was the finalist of the biggest musical show in France. He loves Big Macs, believes that pizza is a vegetable and is just the cool kid to hang out with. And did we mention that he kills it with his graphic design every time?
Makenna, Content Creator Rockstar.
Makenna is a lover of history, archaeology, singing, and fashion. She runs a nonprofit organization known as Little Known Help Zone in her spare time. And no matter how tired she may get, she refuses to wear sweatpants.
"Be a ONCE in a lifetime kind of GAL."