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Haute Rogue

By Makenna

Pumpkin Spice and Apples are the big flavors for fall this year. While you are picking apples, you can also dress to emulate those beautiful colors! Here are three outfits that emulate the best colors of apples!


Red does all the talking, and red apples are super sweet. Shiny red apples are some of the sweetest, and rather than wear a full red outfit, go for one statement piece. You can pull in red shoes, or a fun, long red cardigan.


Yellow is a bright color that is great for summer, but can also be worn in super great fall ways by toning it down. Go for a golden or turmeric colored yellow that is muted and warm, just like a golden delicious apple and the turning leaves of fall. A sweater pullover of that color looks great with mom jeans and some cream colored sneakers or boots.


Green apples are normally vivid and bright like granny smith and are rarely dark, so we think the perfect touch is a kelly green accessory to pop with a cool neutral toned outfit of greys and whites.

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By Makenna

Fashion week brings beautiful beauty trends in addition to great clothes. We can see hair trends, makeup ideas, and nail techniques on the runway that are perfect! Here is a round up of some of the great beauty trends from the runway shows.

Long and Boho Hair

While there were lots of hair ideas on the runway, our favorite was the long and natural textured hair. We’ve seen a transition to shorter cuts, but the long and middle parted locks are killer. If you have a shorter or layered hair cut, try switching up the part and if you feel ambitious, put in extensions and style with loose waves!

Hair Accessories

In addition to the long locks, if you want to dress it up, add a scrunchie in that is a total 2000s throwback. We have also seen a lot of headbands, and even glow sticks adorning the hair! Time to accessorize your hairdo!

Ultra Clean

There are a variety of makeup trends on the runway, but one that looked so fresh was the clean makeup look seen at Alexander Wang and a few other shows. This look is fresh, glowing, and natural skin with natural brows, pink lips, and a light brown (or gold glowing) eyeshadow on the lid. Skip mascara or add a light coat, whatever makes you feel confident! The no makeup makeup look is easy and fresh, it’s great that it is coming back.

Simple Art

Following the simple makeup, simple nails were also a trend. Besides bright neons, the nude nail with small accents was what dominated the runway. Either use a nude or a just a nice clear coat and stripe black down the center of one nail. You can do varying stripes and thicknesses or different colors! Be creative.

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By Makenna

Fashion week is more than just the runways. Here are some of our favorite street style looks from the shows so far that we think you can adapt to every day life!

Leather and Denim

Ripped jeans never looked so cool. Pair ripped jeans with leather underneath for a tough biker style, and don’t forget your trench coat!

Mixing Plaids

It seems like a fashion wrong in our minds, but mixing plaids is so cool! The mix of plaids, if done just right, can look ultra chic. Try keeping one color throughout and then varying from there.

Denim on Denim

This style of outfit has been slowly making its way back on trend, and this look exemplifies how cool it can look, especially with distressing!


The all white classic high top chuck is making its way back into style on the market. The combination of these white shoes and black pants can be dressed up with jeweled sweaters or down with a streetwear sweatshirt.

Bold Prints

Finally, a reminder to go bold. It can be over the top and bright and still look good, especially when paired with a classic silhouette. 

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By Makenna

The fashion week mania continues with Paris. The city of love is known for its couture fashion perfection, and today we are sharing our favorite trends and shows that feature Parisian fashion perfection that will inspire you. 

80s with Stella McCartney

Stella brought the 80s back to her runway show with padded shoulders, big hair, and bold combinations. Again, we see red being a major theme for the upcoming fashion season, and the show was groovy perfection.

New Shows

One of the biggest, and newest shows, was the Loreal Fashion show that was incredibly starstudded. Every model brought their unique trends, and our favorite part was Jane Fonda and Helen Miran modeling!

Unique Florals

Manish Aurora brought the classic florals to the runway in a unique way, These lightweight florals are intricate and look more like paintings. With muted bright colors and elegant silhouettes, this collection is dreamy!

Vibrant and Dark Statement Making

Saint Laurent defied all odds for Spring Fashion Week by bringing dark colors that were bold. The different textures of the pieces also added variety to the collection and exemplified that in fashion, there are no rules!

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By Makenna

The next in our series of Fashion Month is the London Fashion week! This is the second show and just like New York, brings show stopping designers and trends as well as luxe parties and events. Here’s some of our favorite trends and designers.

Loud Prints at Anya Hindmarch

This show was all about being fun and colorful, taking traditional and masculine silhouettes and livening them up with bright colors and textures as well as bold prints. The texture of the pieces is something to watch out for when you shop for SS18.

Textured Shoes of Malone Souliers

Another feature of color on the London fashion scene were all of the shoes at the Malone Souliers show. From glitter to this gorgeous ribbon texture,t he shoes are out to make an impact. The shoes are magic and really emphasize the new trend that neutral outfits can be made with great shoes.

Plaids at Versace

Plaid is a print that just never leaves us, and Versace did it in an excellent way that is lighter for the upcoming season and also a bit safari chic. While still pulling tomboy elements, the pieces can be paired with lace for an elegant look.

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By Makenna

It is the fashion week mania again, and we are here to bring you all of the great trends and looks the runway brought us! First up is New York Fashion Week. This is the event of the Fall, and the hottest spring collections are released and they set the tone for the season to come. Here’s some of our favorite shows and looks from the NYFW!

Victoria Beckham

You’ve probably heard the rage surrounding her new Estee Lauder beauty line, and luxurious packaging, and her fashion show didn’t disappoint either! Trends included lots of red, as well as drop waist silhouettes on dresses and skirts! 

Snow Xue Gao 

Chinese American designers are diversifying the fashion seen, combining their culture with sleek designs. Blazers and structured business pieces look incredible paired with floral prints and constructed in a piecemeal way.

Vertical Stripes

A other huge trend seen across many runway shows, not just one, is vertical stripes. We love the way vertical stripes break away from the industrial look and combine masculine silhouettes with elongating, girly vibes. Self Portrait was one of the stars of the vertical stripe trend.

Knots with Alexander Wang and Others

Another big trend that was seen on more than one runway was the tied short or paints around the waist. This is bringing it back to the 2000s but with much more fashion and style. Shirt dresses or pants with built in sleeve ties are the easiest way to accomplish this trend. 

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By Makenna

Halloween is coming so it is time to think of that perfect costume that is going to steal the show and make a statement. Rather than buying a bagged costume, get creative and put together your own to make the perfect unique look.

Audrey Hepburn

Pull out all of the stops and be Audrey Hepburn, a true classic, for Halloween. Rather than a long gown, wear this silky short number from Haute Rogue and pair it with classic makeup, a furry shawl, and one of those cigarette holders!


Gumball Machine

This adorable costume is easy to make with a white tee and pom poms! Pair with red pants and make a fanny pack belt with the cents on it and you’re perfect.


If you want to go simple and cozy, a cactus is a fun way to still look cute. With a green sweater, add little white spikes with straws or pom poms and make a flower headband!


For a super girly look, pair a tulle skirt (a Haute Rogue favorite) with any sort of top and make a horn headband! You can add as much glitter or colored hair as you like to top it off!

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By Makenna

You guys, it’s here! The long anticipated launch of Rihanna’s makeup brand, Fenty Beauty! This brand has been getting super great hype for its beautiful packaging and sleek design, as well as incredible quality and color ranges. Here’s a round up of our top 3 products. This is a brand to watch in the future!

1. Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

There are 40 shades in this range on the first launch, and this is a huge step. Foundation is a super hard product to get right to begin with, but she went all in and designed a line that represents all skin colors. This is a super matte foundation, so if you like the full coverage, flawless matte look, you will love this!

2. Killowatt Freestyle Highlighter

The highlighters in this collection are killer and give you the glow of a lifetime. All of the colors are great and shiny, but the one everyone is talking about is a true, 3-D gold called Trophy Wife. This is a yellow true gold that is extremely metallic and looks just like jewelry on your skin. This is perfect for deeper skintones. 

3. Match Stix Shimmer Skin Sticks

If the true gold color isn’t for you, go for a stick version of highlighter that won’t fail you either. This brand is all about the matte skin with the killer glow on top. From crazy colors like orange or lilac to more subtle whites and nudes. The colors have dimension and are creamy yet budge proof.

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By Makenna

Halloween planning time is underway now that we have passed the back to school season! While we won’t get into costumes just yet, we can dive into beauty ideas that are festive yet fun and wearable to get the Halloween vibe going!

Orange Shadow

Orange eyeshadow is a huge trend in the fall makeup collections period, and we think it is the perfect way to be festive for Halloween while still being trendy. If you like brights, you can use a matte bright orange, but for a more understated look, go for a burnt orange all over the lid.

Dark Vampy Lip

Black lipstick is super Halloween, but you can still look like a fashionable vampire with a dark lip. Go for a super dark purple paired with full coverage makeup and simple eyes for a bold look that is on trend for fall and the holiday.

Colored Highlight

The mermaid or unicorn is a coveted Halloween costume, and one way you can bring in those tones before the big day is with a highlight. There are a lot of rainbow highlights on the market as well as really awesome lavenders and blue/gold duotone ones. It is a bolder look, but truly looks good.

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By Makenna

Now that Fall is rolling in, it is time to start planning your fun activities. Although, they may be stereotypical, here are some super festive things you should be doing to embrace the season and have a great time!

Get Coffee

As silly as people treat the PSL craze, you totally should be getting one right now! They don’t last forever, and they are super delicious. Some other new treats include hot cider and the new Starbucks pumpkin pie Frappe!

Wear Sweaters

Sweaters are such a perfect fall staple that allows you to stay warm while escaping those bulky coats. Depending on your local weather, if it is warm you can wear a distressed sweater or one of the super cute Haute Rogue pieces with a revealed back. If it is a bit cooler, go for a chunky knit.


Pick Apples

Apple picking and pumpkin patch visiting are 2 must do fall activities! Not only can you dress super stylish and take cute pictures, you get to support local farms and eat great produce. Apples make great pies or just snacks and pumpkins are fun for decorations and carving!

Play in the Leaves

Finally, if you are blessed to live in a place that has changing and falling leaves, play in them! The colors and childhood fun that comes from playing in the leaves is irreplaceable!

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